Cycle Club

Wheelhouse Cycle Club is a Canadian indoor cycling studio that offers an intense workout experience. They ride to the beat and strive to push themselves harder than anyone else.

Services Utilized:

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The Challenge

The Regina location of Wheelhouse Cycle Club was organizing a Women’s Day fundraiser event that involved a cycling session followed by yoga. They wanted to promote the event on social media the same day and were looking for a high-energy, professionally-made video that would capture the essence of the event.

Our Solution

We arrived at the event and recorded the necessary footage, then edited the video quickly to ensure it could be shared on social media the same day.


The resulting video was fantastic, capturing the energy, intensity, and emotions in the room. It received high engagement on social media and made viewers feel like they were actually there. Overall, the video helped promote the event and generate excitement for future events at Wheelhouse Cycle Club.

Videography & Animation

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