Weyburn Cooperative Playschool

Weyburn Cooperative Playschool is a long-standing playschool with a commitment to creating a positive and nurturing learning environment for young children. Established in 1979, they follow guidelines set by the Ministry for play and exploration, focusing on building a foundation for good relationships and social/emotional development in their students. Their program is designed to foster opportunities for play, literacy, and the arts.

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The Challenge

The playschool faced a challenge in getting more parents to register their children for their playschool programs. They wanted to create a brand video and a series of shorter videos for social media to showcase how well they take care of children and their learning programs. The videos needed to be timeless so that they could use them year after year. The playschool aimed to build trust among parents so that they could feel confident about sending their children to their programs.

Our Solution

To solve the problem, we had a strategy session with the playschool to clarify their message for the brand video. We developed questions that would help us get the answers we needed to create a compelling video. We then recorded and edited the videos, including a series of shorter videos for social media. We focused on capturing the essence of the playschool’s approach to learning and showcasing how children thrive in the positive, safe, and caring environment.


The playschool launched their brand video on their website and used the shorter videos for social media. They had content for several weeks, which helped them get more registrations for the current year and beyond. The videos effectively communicated the playschool’s brand message and helped build trust among parents. The playschool now has a video that accurately represents their approach to learning and their positive and nurturing environment, giving parents the confidence to enroll their children in their programs.

Videography & Animation

Graphic Design & photography

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