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At some larger marketing agencies, you may feel like you’re just another client in a long list of accounts. They offer expensive, one-time strategies or generic campaigns that don’t adapt to the constantly evolving marketing landscape. You’re left in the dark, unable to speak directly to the people working on your marketing, and they may take too long to deliver.

We do things differently.

Our services are designed to deliver the most impactful content, fast, affordably, and strategically. At Innova, we prioritize open communication and a collaborative approach to deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations.

Joel Davis

Marketing Lead

A talented marketer, graphic designer, and videographer passionate about creating impactful content and driving successful campaigns. With experience working with big brands, co-founding a wedding video business, and winning gold in design competitions. When not working, he loves movies, making short films, and exploring Canada’s landscapes. 

Interstellar, Star Wars, and 2001: A Space Odyssey…Have you caught on to the space theme yet?

A good ol’ juicy burger

Jordin Holonics

Designer | Videographer | Seo

A talented designer, videographer, and SEO expert who is the backbone of our business. With her extensive experience in administrative tasks, she ensures that everything runs smoothly. Jordin is also a co-founder of SkyHigh Productions, a wedding video business that creates beautiful, story-driven videos. When she’s not working, Jordin enjoys painting and all things art-related, and she loves taking care of her plants and garden during the summer.

The Imitation Game and (I know this isn’t a movie but..) Avatar: The Last Airbender


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